Trust the Hospitality Professionals.

Whether this is your first business purchase or you’re a seasoned investor, HSC Brokers makes the process of buying a hospitality-based business easier. Purchasing an existing business has many advantages over starting one from the ground up, and working with a brokerage firm has additional advantages over trying to make a purchase yourself. From paperwork and negotiations to industry insight and access to listings, our staff will be your partner in this process. Let’s get started finding the right property for your future.

Restaurants & Delis

Do You Have a Reservation?

Owning a restaurant is one of those exciting ventures that combines passion and smart business decisions. From franchised sandwich shops to chic steakhouses, this category encompasses both sit-down, full-service and quick service fast/casual operations. HSC has brokered hundreds of restaurant deals across the Upper Midwest. Let’s discuss the type of investment that interests you, and let’s get those kitchens humming!

Bars, Pubs, Taverns, and Bar & Grills

Unwind and Celebrate

Whether a bar has a great theme, a loyal following, a dozen flatscreens, or the most beers on tap, any number of variables can pull in customers. We help buyers assess strengths like location, name recognition, or added amenities (sand volleyball league, anyone?) when considering purchasing a bar. The Bar & Grill is a great option for families looking for a good meal, while the newest entry to this category, the Gastropub, offers higher-end chef-driven foods in a more relaxed atmosphere. So belly up to the bar!

Supper Clubs

Vintage Dining at Its Best

Supper clubs have held a strong showing in Wisconsin since their heyday 60+ years ago. With plentiful all-American menus, classic cocktails, and evening entertainment, the Supper Club is a destination restaurant with style. With changing trends in restaurants, some supper club owners are adding catering or event options, and some see that they’re making a retro comeback as is. We’ll help you determine the pros and cons of this singular type of establishment.

Liquor Stores

In High Spirits

With easier hours than other establishments (and no waitstaff), liquor stores have a certain indispensable appeal. Liquor and tobacco sales drive profits, while things like location, size, and competition are always taken into account. We’ll review off-sale versus on-sale liquor sales, and whether a liquor store is a good move for you.

Night Clubs

Love the Night Life

A night club purchase can be a chance to bring your vision of the perfect hotspot to life, or to simply make tweaks to something that’s already working. Together we discuss location, nearby sports or event venues, rental or hosting options, closing time restrictions, and other factors. Let’s explore this exhilarating mix of entertainment, dancing, and seeing & being seen.

Bakeries, Cafes, and Coffee Shops

Scones, Anyone?

Whether you’re looking for a cafe, a bakery, or a combination of the two, HSC Brokers helps buyers find the property that fits their budget and desired location. We’ve brokered many purchases of these establishments, from a quaint cafe in Stillwater to a well-established high-volume bakery in St. Louis Park. We’ll show you which properties come with commercial baking ovens or espresso machines, which places have great outdoor seating, or if there is a local bakery with standing orders from other shops. We can almost smell the baking bread and brewing coffee now!

Breweries and Brewpubs

Hops to It

One of the biggest booms in the hospitality industry has been the brewery / brewpubs trend. Beer drinkers’ adventurous tastes are bringing them into local breweries to appreciate something more than what’s usually on tap. Brewpubs welcome patrons to stay and drink on site, while breweries of various sizes produce and sell beer in varying volumes.

Resorts and Campgrounds

Vacation Time!

Stake that tent, park that RV, or settle in to a resort, as so many Northerners love to do. While campgrounds are usually seasonal operations lasting about 6 months out of the year, many of these businesses represent a lifestyle change with the owners living on site. HSC Brokers can guide you through the many variations of such parks, including existing structures, scenic surroundings, amenities, nearby trails, and volume of repeat customers.

Hotels and Motels

Stay a While

The upper Midwest has a wealth of specialty hotels, motels, and charming bed & breakfasts. Guests may be attracted by the convenient location off a highway, by its appeal as wedding or event venue, or for a fun weekend getaway with beautiful scenery. If you’re considering investing in a hotel, motel or B&B, come to us first to weigh the many factors of this decision. And start picking out your mini-soaps!

Investment Properties

Space for Lease

Strip malls, spaces for lease, industrial complexes, and more—we manage deals on many types of commercial investment properties. Need help finding tenants for your space? Good thing you’re working with HSC; we can help you find tenants for your new properties.