What We Do

Why Choose HSC Brokers?

It all begins with understanding your business goals and bringing our expertise to the table, to broker the best deal possible.

As an independent broker, we provide the following services:

  • Business Valuation
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Buyer Qualification
  • Deal Structuring
  • Negotiation Support
  • Final Coordination


For Sellers:

We help determine the right asking price.

Most business owners do not have a good understanding of what their company is worth. By not knowing, owners often accept offers that are far less than what the company is worth or they price the company too high. An unrealistically high price discourages acquirers and can create a perception that you are not serious about selling.

We get your business in front of buyers.

One of the key objectives in the selling process is to attract the highest number of qualified buyers. These may be companies in or out of your industry, foreign buyers, strategic buyers, or private investors. Having several interested acquirers helps to maximize the selling price. After many years, we have cultivated a network of connections to qualified buyers.

We lead the sales process.

The sales process is very complicated. We know how to market your business and how to interact and negotiate with acquirers who are very experienced at buying businesses. If you are unfamiliar with private sales, you will find yourself at a severe disadvantage at the negotiating table. This will show up in the final terms of the transaction. Instead, leave it to us, and we will find you the best possible deal.

We focus on the sale, while you care for your business.

Private sales can take six months to a year or longer. There is no guarantee that the transaction will ever be consummated. Less than 30 percent of all businesses up for sale actually sell. It is important, therefore, that you continue to manage your business effectively throughout the sales process. While the operations should not be sacrificed, neither should the sales process.

We identify and screen potential buyers.

The confidentiality of the seller and your business is very important to us. We qualify and screen all potential buyers so that we’re only dealing with people who have the available funds and are serious about your business.

We take care of the paperwork.

There are many documents that need to be prepared, reviewed, signed, and filed throughout the sales process, including the Confidentiality Agreement, Letter of Intent, Purchase Agreement, and regulatory documents. HSC ensures that all documents are written and executed correctly.

We bring decades of experience to the table.

For most owners, a business represents years of work and your single most valuable asset. When the time comes to sell, the primary goal is to realize the maximum selling price. You will generally have one opportunity to do it, so let’s do it right together.

We specialize in hospitality.

We are members of Minnesota restaurant, lodging and resort associations. (How many? Which ones?) We are members of several industry trade associations, and we advertise in hospitality trade publications. We’ve learned how to maximize your exposure to thousands of buyers while maintaining confidentiality.

For Buyers:

We bring decades of experience to the table.

We have focused on the hospitality industry since we began in 2004, and each member of our staff has personal, real-life experience in hospitality businesses. We are licensed to buy and sell businesses in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Our job is to guide, bring insight and knowledge to the table, and ultimately ease the buying process considerably.

We have industry access to businesses for sale.

Brokers have access to many properties that would be extremely difficult to find on your own. Using HSC Brokers will save you valuable time in your search for suitable businesses and properties.

We connect you to the pros you need.

We assist you in finding many other professionals to help you prepare for your business venture. (Link to Affiliates page)

This could include:

  • Attorneys
  • Accountants
  • Lenders
  • Contractors
  • Vendors
  • Insurance Professionals
  • Consultants


We know the current conditions, laws, and trends for this industry.

Your Broker will have knowledge of current market conditions, pending legislation, construction projects, licensing changes, and other industry-specific information. We provide the full picture so you have what you need in this process.

We negotiate the lease for the property.

We will help negotiate your lease with the landlord. Many times buyers go to the landlord unprepared and uneducated in the extremely important lease negotiations and don’t understand the impact this will have on their business for the term of the lease, which can be for 5-20 years.

We take care of the paperwork.

The HSC team will handle the many documents that come with the sales process, including the Confidentiality Agreement, Letter of Intent, Purchase Agreement, and regulatory documents.